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Group Wants Next President to Disclose 'Truth' About UFOs

Toronto Ontario Canada October 9, 2008 –  PRG – the Paradigm Research Group is pressuring the next president to end the secrecy regarding the Extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. - a division of Condé Nast Publications and Media Group in New York - released this position that is being taken by PRG’s Director Mr. Stephen G. Bassett.

In an interview with, Paradigm founder Stephen Bassett says that President Carter, who reported seeing a UFO in 1969, signed off on two studies after taking office but that they were kept under wraps for national security reasons. Bassett says reports of extraterrestrial sighting have been on the upswing since the end of the Cold War, creating pressure on the government to ‘disclose.’

‘Witnesses are coming forward,’ Bassett says, ‘and 50 percent of the U.S. public believes that this is real.’ Adding to the pressure is recent moves by other nations.

‘You have the U.K. declassifying reports of extraterrestrial sightings,’ Bassett says, ‘and members of the Mexican Air Force videotaping what they think are UFOs.’ He says China is also conducting UFO research, but France is the most likely nation to disclose unilaterally. ‘They are a proud, independent people,’ he explains. ‘And they're very sensitive to their legacy. This is an area where they can take the lead.’ “ Source:

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