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Press Release - December 9, 2008
Some Holiday Gifts for the Political Media

Washington, DC - 10 of Dic. 08 – Half way through the presidential transition PRG would like to provide some nice gifts for the political media as a reminder the first 90 days of the next administration will likely be the most profound in the nation’s history.    So, to those members of the Fourth Estate wise enough to consider the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations engaging the human race a news story, happy holidays, sleep well Xmas Eve and dream of Pulitzer Prizes.

Examples of letters/faxes/emails to Barack Obama calling for an end to the truth embargo can be found at:

If you’re looking for THE best example of a working news reporter who actually examines the evidence, talks with witnesses, interviews researchers, and refuses to accept the government propaganda, look no further than the work of Billy Cox at:

You might find interesting the UFO/ET connection to the Clinton administration (Bill, Hillary, John Podesta, Bill Richardson, Webster Hubbell, and others).    See:,  and

Here’s the big gift under the tree – a website chronicling Barack Obama’s path to be the Disclosure President.  Check it out at:

How about a developing network of exopolitical sites around the world:

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