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Roswell’s Legacy Speaks



Toronto Ontario Canada October 13, 2008 – Jesse Marcel Jr. was eleven years old when his father, intelligence officer, Major Jesse Marcel Sr. woke him up very late one night in July of 1947.  Little did he know that this night in the kitchen would result in him eventually sitting in an undisclosed room in the early 1990’s with a government agent in Washington DC discussing craft from another planet.


It was a humid July night in New Mexico.  Yet another thunderstorm had passed by. Jesse Jr. was in bed - but his dad awoke him; something he’d never done before. The young boy followed his father toward the kitchen. His mother Linda stood in the dimly lighted hallway that led to the living room towards the kitchen. By the expression on his father’s face Jesse Jr. knew his dad wanted both he and his mother to witness what he was certain was an extraordinary find. He said to them these were parts of a “flying saucer”.

As they entered the kitchen a young Jesse Jr. saw the bizarre looking metallic debris covering almost the entire linoleum kitchen floor of their Roswell home.

Earlier that day Major Jesse Marcel Sr. had been assigned by his commanding officer Colonel Blanchard to investigate a crash of something out on the Foster Ranch near the small town of Corona New Mexico some 75 miles from the Roswell Army Air Force base where Marcel Sr. was assigned as an intelligence officer.

Jesse Sr. arrived at the crash site with Captain Sheridan Cavitt a counter-intelligence agent. They examined a huge debris field and were convinced the material was unlike anything they’d ever seen before. What Jesse Marcel Sr. saw was a massive field of debris that fanned out for hundreds of yards to a considerable width at the end of the field. As fate would have it Jesse Sr. decided to place some of the debris in the back of his 1942 Buick in a cardboard box.

This stuff from somewhere else that had arrived on the planet - now lay strewn on the Marcel kitchen floor - the Marcel family staring at it all in disbelief.

An eleven year old boy – who 61 years later as a medical doctor and flight surgeon would soon tell his own personal account of the most explosive story in the modern era of the UFO phenomenon.

Jesse Jr. has now decided to share with you, these, the most intimate details about what his father saw in a farmer’s field near Roswell New Mexico in July of 1947 as the first military officer at the crash site.

Neither would the boy nor would the man have any suspicion this event would haunt him and his family - for the rest of their lives. The Roswell Legacy tells this story.

Several wonderful books have been written about the Roswell incident. However few tell firsthand the intimate confirmation of someone who actually saw, and touched the debris and the remains of what crashed in the desert that night, some of which made its way from a distant planet into the trunk of a 1942 Buick and into the hands of an eleven year old boy.


Among his many other credentials, the United States government paid for Jesse Marcel Senior to attend and train at radar school at Langley Field Virginia to gain a career knowledge of radar targets of all types. His diploma of 1945 verifies his ARMY AIR FORCE TRAINING COMMAND certification. The claim that what Marcel Sr. saw and collected that night was a weather balloon is not only fallacious but an insult to his credentials, his family and the legacy to which his son is now providing for all to witness. To this day Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. maintains that what his father brought home that night was material from a craft of non-Earth origin. How could a trained radar expert whose job it was to make these kinds of distinctions mistake balloon material for highly exotic metal…? Unless of course he was forced to do so.

Either you believe the truth or you do not.


Read about this fascinating legacy and how years after this childhood event, and throughout the strange unidentified phone calls and veiled threats, Jesse Marcel Jr. found himself in a room at the Capitol Building in Washington DC with a government official. The unnamed agent told Marcel Jr. he had been charged with the responsibility of investigating the operation of a black budget fund – one without government oversight – established to maintain a false story about the actual truth of the Roswell Incident. Marcel Jr. unequivocally states that this was the first and only time that anyone associated with the government had tacitly admitted that the Roswell event was the crash of a vehicle from another planet. Why would so much time and effort be expended by a government official to bring Marcel Jr. to an undisclosed, secure room deep beneath the Capitol Building in Washington DC to speak with him if what he saw was… just a weather balloon?


The ultimate irony about the reality of the Roswell crash is best captured by a military colleague of Marcel Sr., information officer, Lt. Walter Haut. The late Lt. Haut maintained that the first communiqué he issued as directed by base Commander Blanchard – was in fact the truth – the Army had indeed captured a crashed UFO!

To obtain the book and to read the fascinating background to Jesse Marcel’s life, visit:

"The world has waited a long time for the inside scoop on Roswell. Truth is an excellent curative for false proclamations. The Roswell crashed saucer retrieval is one of the most important UFO cases ever, anywhere. We need more information from those directly involved, and this book provides a good deal of important new material." Stanton T Friedman

Tune in to the Richard Syrett Show on Wednesday November 5 to hear an exclusive interview with Jesse Marcel Jr. on CFRB 1010 News Talk Radio Toronto.



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