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Dear Starchild Skull List Members:

(1) Coast to Coast appearance this coming Monday

(2) Starchild documentary will be filmed in 2009

(3) Complex DNA testing will be completely funded

(4) 200 hardback copies of "The Starchild Skull" still available

(5) Still revising "Everything You Know Is Wrong"


(1) It's been well over a year since you've heard from me, but now I have some important announcements to make. First, I'm going to be on Coast to Coast for the first time in 20 months. My appearance will be this coming Monday, the 17th, at the usual time. Those who can't listen to it live can hear it on the archive list at

(2) The main thing I will be announcing on the show is that I am presently contracting with an award-winning documentary producer in England to create a one-hour documentary about the Starchild's story. As part of that production they are going to initiate the all-important DNA testing that can only be accomplished with the revolutionary technology invented and implemented by 454 Life Science, a company in Branford, Connecticut.

(3) The cost of this testing is what has kept us on the sidelines for the past two years, waiting for a break of some kind. Now we have it. The cost is still staggering, $200,000 for acquisition of data alone, but this is what the doco company is willing to put up. Analysis of the data 454 will produce and a number of other costs still have to be covered, but we all hope to find ways to make those much smaller ends meet. The point is that the worst of it is finally accounted for, so we should be able to depend on this being the historic project we have for so long expected it to be.

If all goes on schedule, contracts will be signed before the end of the year. I'll meet with the producer in January when he and his team will fly over. We'll map out our filming strategy, the testing will be initiated, and several months later it all should be complete. The background story will be filmed during the time of testing, so everything should be wrapped up by mid-year sometime (June or July). Then all the footage will be edited and the film itself should be first aired some time in the fall of next year (2009). Just about now, in fact. And then, of course, it will be released to countries all over the world.

For those who need a refresher on the importance of this testing, let's recall that in the summer of 2003 we did DNA testing using primers. That testing showed that the Starchild's mother was human and its father was not. This is outlined on the website ( and is detailed in the book I wrote about it, "The Starchild Skull." What we have needed was a new test that could tell us precisely HOW FAR the Starchild's DNA is from normal human DNA. This is what the 454 test can provide--overwhelming proof that the Starchild is indeed "alien" to a degree that simply can't be denied. Thus, the undeniable proof of alien reality that we've all been looking FOR is, in fact, the thing we have all been looking AT for nearly 10 years.

(4) Speaking of THE STARCHILD SKULL, of the original 2000 hardback copies that were printed, we still have about 200 left, and these will be offered for sale on C2C to finish them off. Anyone on this list who doesn't have a copy of the hardback version should definitely get one. They are the last of those 2000 and there will never be another printing of that version of the book, so that will make it a collector's item in just a couple of years. Buy one and hang onto it and watch its value climb (and don't forget that the holiday season is upon us). We're selling autographed hardbacks for $30 and we pay the shipping. If you don't have one and want one reserved before the show, go to (Bell Lap Books....get those three 'L's together) and look at the upper right where it says, "Last of the First Editions." That's the place to order if you want one. If you prefer a paperback, those are available through Amazon for under $15. There is no limit to that supply, although they won't be autographed.

(5) Also, I get three or four emails per week from people wanting to know when I will finish my revision of "Everything You Know Is Wrong." I want you all to know that I'm working on that and getting through it, but there is simply an enormous amount of new information to incorporate into the old material. Plus, I will have to be dealing with the documentary for much of 2009. My hope is to have EYKIW ready for publication sometime in early 2010, though I'm sure you all can understand why the Starchild film project has to come first.

Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy holiday season......

Lloyd Pye