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Paradigm Research Group       

PRG Update - September 15, 2008

PRG Speaking/Presentation Schedule

Sedona Talk Radio - September 18, 5 pm MT
Culture of Contact Conference - October 16-18
Crash Retrieval Conference, Las Vegas - November 7-9
Sedona, AZ Presentation (Sedona Dream Theater) - November 11

PRG executive director, Stephen Bassett, will present at the Sedona Dream Theater on November 11 after his lecture at the Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas, November 7-9.    Appearing with him will be recording artist, Vyktoria Pratt Keating.  He will also be a guest of Louise Aveni on Sedona Talk Radio Thursday, September 18, 5 pm MT, 7 pm EST.   Stephen will also be part of the Culture of Contact event at the Lowe's Theater in Jersey City, NJ.

Sedona Talk Radio w/ Lousie Aveni:
Culture of Contact Conference:
Lowe's Theater:
Crash Retrieval Conference:
Sedona Dream Theater:
Vyktoria Pratt Keating:

Important Notice

PRG will launch a major new initiative on October 1 with media appearances, a website and national press releases.  This is the most important and potentially most impacting project by PRG since it was founded in 1996.  PRG expects to book approximately 100 media interviews between October 1 and November 31 in support of this effort and will call on its entire research, activist and media network to help with the project.

X-Conference 2009

The following speakers are slated to participate in X-Conference 2009:   Jeff Peckman, Art Campbell, Richard Dolan, Cheryll Jones (Host), Stephen Bassett (Moderator).  Many more will be announced in the coming months.    Conference and hotel registrations are being taken now.   Info at the website.

Exopolitics World Network (EWN) and United States Network (EUSN)  News

A new site is pending for Mexico - webmaster Enrique Valencia Salda
A new site is in development for Washington, DC - webmaster Ryan Dickover.
Exopolitics Sweden has been relaunched.
Webmasters of several European EWN sites are planning a summit, possibly in Italy, to discuss the state of exopolitics in Europe.
Plenty of countries and states need sites.  Interested webmasters can contact  

ABC News UFO Special - Tuesday, September 16, 9:30 - 11 pm EST

Three years after ABC News aired Peter Jennings Reporting UFOs: Seeing is Believing the other shoe has dropped.  ABC will air the follow-up to this news special this Tuesday.   PRG is intrigued by: 1) the timing - airing the program in the heat of the presidential campaign, 2) the headline for the promo on the ABC News website - Could  so many UFO witnesses be right?, 3) the choice of witnesses and cases selected, and 4) the inclusion in the promo article of video links to Dr. Edgar Mitchell and the Stan Romanek alleged alien video.

This special is not being aired in a vacuum.  PRG is tracking the media coverage of the UFO/ET/Exopolitics issues more closely than any other organization in the country.  The recent increase in media coverage over the past 48 months has been extraordinary.   PRG has now archived over 2500 relevant mainstream news articles going back to the 1940s, nearly 800 for 2008.   The overwhelming majority of these are neutral or supportive toward the issues.  

There have been several recent news cycles which centered on the activities of Jeff Peckman and on statements by Dr. Edgar Mitchell.  These cycles generated scores of mainstream news articles and numerous television segments - all of which are being carefully archived at:

The Rocky Mountain News has done 16 articles relating to the work of Peckman who made it onto Late Night with David Letterman where he and his work were treated with respect within the comedic context of the program.   This is quite significant.   A policy change is taking place within editorial offices across the nation.

Stepheville, TX Case Continues
A Stephenville, Texas official, Mark Murphy, has filed complaints with the FAA and the DOT (pursuant to 14 CFR 13 on air safety) on behalf of himself, his family, and his constituents as an elected representative regarding the events which took place over Stephenville, Texas on the evening of January 8, 2008.  Mr. Murphy requested a reprimand of the USAF for large scale military operations in a populated area without notification of local authorities.  City officials are supposed to be notified when such events are going to take place.  No such notification was given prior to the F-16s flying over the city.

McKinnon Case Continues

Computer hacker, Gary McKinnon, has reached the end of the line in his appeal effort.  Extradition to the United States is pending.

UFO Sighting Compilation Video

Proprietary rights and access issues aside, this is an outstanding effort to make a powerful statement.  It is simply not possible to understate the potential political and social impact of the YouTube era where hundreds of millions of people can create video footage of power and quality easily and record and post events immediately after their occurrence.


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