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Could So Many UFO Witnesses Be Right?

ABC’s "Primetime" Examines the Evidence for UFOs and Aliens

Toronto Ontario Canada September 16, 2008 – In another dramatic mainstream prime time news slot, ABC News has again decided to examine the UFO/ET issue. Exopolitics Toronto is not certain why ABC news would introduce yet another news documentary about UFOs – especially considering how this network extolled the UFO/ET issue in the first segment then discredited it in the second portion of the program Peter Jennings UFO Special in 2005.

All journalists are urged to watch ABC’s PRIMETIME tonight Tuesday September 16 to determine if this special news event represents a disinformation approach to what UFOs might be or if it treats the matter with any kind of authenticity.

If nothing else the ABC special will raise the issue. The question remains how and why?

While the last “UFO’s Seeing Is Believing” special with Peter Jennings in 2005 was roundly criticized by the UFO research community, this new episode appears to indicate – at least in the promotional material on its web site – that ABC will be examining several recent UFO incidents which garnered national notoriety – namely the Stephenville Lights and perhaps other similar provocative UFO events.

Review the promotional outline of this show at: and

It is worth noting that the ABC Television network has spearheaded investigation of the UFO issue unlike any other American news network – this is indeed laudable. However there is the distinct possibility ABC as one of the corporate controllers of news could be raising the UFO issue according to a government-intelligence program to create fear among the public about UFOs and an Extraterrestrial presence.

Exopolitics Toronto and its co-terminus NGOs will be closely monitoring this ABC program to determine: a) the nature and authenticity of this program’s approach and b) to react to the program’s validity and true desire to tell the true documented story concerning UFO’s and the extraterrestrial presence.

Journalists are encouraged to listen to the Richard Syrett Show tomorrow Wednesday Sept 17 at 10:00 pm with media expert Terry Hansen to obtain a complete review of ABC’s examination of the UFO issue.

A LAST WORD – Journalists by now must be becoming convinced that this matter of UFOs and an extraterrestrial presence is anything but new age nonsense or media confabulation. Exopolitics Toronto invites all interested journalists to latch onto this story and be among the first in their own media outlet to gain an enterprising lead on this issue beyond stock market woes and Britney Spear’s release of her new album.

Moreover, the Canadian and American elections will pale in comparison if several courageous journalists decide to challenge the media-status quo and present the imminent documentation pointing to the reality of UFOs and an ET presence as a Cosmic Watergate story that will take months to unravel in the court of public concern. If the ABC editorial board is serious about engaging public and government concern – it will in this Primetime program – challenge every aspect of government and military secrecy and demand open Congressional hearings into UFO/ET matter. Anything short of this will be considered complicity to continue hiding the matter.

Any journalist who wishes can receive an in-depth – confidential briefing on this matter with an Exopolitics Toronto researcher.


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