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Paradigm Research Group     

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October 17, 2008 

Open Letter to Barack Obama and John McCain

Dear Senators:

In less than three weeks one of you will be President Elect of the United States.  When you take office on January 20, 2009 you will inherit a nation in crisis.  One notable indicator of this crisis is the unprecedented approval/trust ratings of the executive and legislative branches of government and the political press.   The faith of the American people in the presidency, the congress and the media is so low the social contract itself is at the breaking point.

The public grants candidates and office holders the odd fib, occasional white lie, and exaggerated resume, but will not abide government lying about matters of life and death, war and peace, and the very nature of reality.  Since 1947 there have been numerous breaches of public trust, but none more dangerous or impacting than the decision to withhold from the American people the facts behind an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.  

Formal acknowledgement of this extraordinary circumstance was initially withheld for national security reasons.  This is understandable.  

However, the pervasive and uninterrupted occurrences of extraterrestrial-related phenomena worldwide prompted a direct intervention into the citizen efforts to understand what was happening.   Thus was created the most extensive propaganda/disinformation campaign in history often referred to as a cover-up but best described as a truth embargo.   Citizens were threatened and harmed, research/activist organizations infiltrated and dismantled, newspapers and television networks recruited, false stories planted, documents destroyed, presidents denied information and Congress denied oversight.   This is less understandable.

After the Cold War ended in 1991 military and agency employees witness to events and evidence confirming the extraterrestrial presence began coming forward.  Public awareness of the extraterrestrial issue grew and seventeen years later is essentially universal.   Nations such as France, China, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil are releasing relevant classified documents and cooperating with citizen research organizations.   But the United States government’s policy of embargo remains unchanged.   This is unacceptable.

The truth embargo’s end and formal acknowledgment of the extraterrestrial presence are inevitable.  What remains to be determined are when it happens, how much further damage is done to the public’s trust, and which nation will act first. 

After the election you are going to receive many thousands of letters, faxes and emails from citizens of many nations calling for you to 1) demand a full briefing from your military services and intelligence agencies, 2) press for open and comprehensive congressional hearings, 3) formally acknowledge the extraterrestrial presence, and 4) release into the public domain extraterrestrial derived technologies, secretly studied and reverse engineered for six decades, and now essential to overcome the environmental, economic and social challenges of our time.

As President Elect reach out to your party’s allies within the military and intelligence communities.  When you take office conduct the necessary meetings with the cross agency committees managing the extraterrestrial presence issue.  In the spring of 2009, before the truth embargo becomes your embargo, initiate disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and begin rebuilding the trust of the American people in their government and the standing of your country in the world.


Stephen Bassett
Executive Director


Paradigm Research Group
4938 Hampden Lane, #161, Bethesda, MD 20814   202-215-8344