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The Orion Project: Inventor Update - 21 de Oct.

Stan Meyer Technology

The Orion Project has been active over the last two months diligently pursuing the most promising opportunities for breakthrough technologies. One such technology is the work of inventor, Stan Meyer (link to our website). After Stan died more than ten years ago, his work fell silent. After such a long silence, many feared nothing more would come of his lifetime of dedication and research to free the US from its dependence on foreign oil. In January of this year, the TOP team was contacted by a representative of those who inherited Stan's technical materials and equipment.

Dr. Ted Loder went to visit the team and personally witnessed an extensive collection of Stan's equipment, physical inventions, notebooks, and documentation. Yes, including his widely publicized dune buggy alleged to have been powered entirely by water alone.

In the long months since Ted's visit, the family that controls Stan's equipment and documentation have been seeking the best buyer to carry on Stan's work and bring his technology out to the world. This has included an open bid process that has taken several months and attracted considerable attention from around the world. As of today, The Orion Project is one of the two remaining bidders still under consideration.

Though the process has been long, we remain in active negotiations to acquire Stan's technology and resume work on this widely publicized and most promising technology. It is only through your generous financial support that we have been able to be considered a viable bidder in this process. Please support us now in these final steps of the journey to win the bid and resume work on this most promising Water-for-Fuel Technology. Please donate today!

New Inventor Group

In April of this year, The Orion Project was contacted by an inventor group in Canada. Through a long and steady process of disclosure and trust-building, we have recently entered into a development agreement with this group. (For security purposes and to protect the inventor, we must keep their identity undisclosed at this time.) Bill Costantino has made two visits to personally see their work and assess the state of their technology.

There is evidence this group has built 1 Kw, 2 Kw, and 10 Kw working prototypes of their technology. These systems employ solid state electronics, operate without the use of any fossil fuels, and are entirely non-polluting. With support from The Orion Project, the team is currently working on a 20 Kw prototype, which we hope to be operational soon.

Again, it is only through your direct financial support that we are able to provide the needed funds for such critical technology. It is such brilliant, out-of-the-box systems as these that will help transform our terribly flawed global dependence on fossil fuels to a future of clean, sustainable, non-polluting energy for all mankind. Please donate today to help us support this vitally important work.

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