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Breaking News: The UFO Disclosure Process Has Begun

Toronto Ontario Canada October 22, 2008 – It appears that the release of UFO files by the British government has ignited the disturbing truth about the intense 60 year secrecy behind the UFO cover-up. The accompanying video by ABC News gives an overview – indicating these file releases by the British are just the beginning of a larger Disclosure process.

To date in Canada the National Post, CTV News, Bell Sympatico’s home web site, Yahoo News Canada and the CBC have applied in-depth and relatively responsible coverage to the latest release of UFO files.

Indications are that more is coming. More and more news agencies are beginning to fully assess the large-scale implications of this issue – an issue that just won’t go away.

All media outlets should be aware that only a sustained and on-going coverage amplified by direct demands and questions by our mainstream media to the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, his Ministers of Defense and Foreign affairs will create the total environment for Canadian Disclosure.

When fully vetted by incisive journalism – these inquiries about the UFO matter will flesh-out the real truth – These are craft of non-Earth origin, piloted by advanced civilizations in the possession of abundant and extraordinary energy resources that will eliminate fossil fuels.

The potential of Disclosure has the capability to swell into the biggest global news story in history. Disclosure has the capacity to virtually consume the AMERICAN ELECTION as a minor news event unless the candidates Barack Obama and John McCain begin to engage the matter.

Exopolitics Toronto remains ready and available to provide a full array of resources, access to international experts and local and national consultation for news editors and other key media coordinators to help develop informed talking points about the sheer magnitude of this issue. The next stage after the Canadian media has become engaged is to engage our political leaders - demand answers and a full Parliamentary inquiry.

View this video report at: ABC Nightline NEWS: The UFO Disclosure Process Has Begun (Video)

Comentario de Alfred L. Webre, sobre este video en la cadena de tv ABC News. Así dice: "Este segmento presentado por la cadena de televisión ABC News presenta a la presencia extraterrestre como una amenaza 'militar', una realidad que no es consistente con las intenciones y presencia de las civilizaciones extraterrestres altamente éticas y hiper-dimensionales. Nuestra evaluación preliminar es que las Noticias de ABC Nightline pueden estar actuando en coordinación con una Operación de Desclasificación de la U.S. Naval Intelligence y otras agencias militares y de inteligencia como el Ministerio de Defensa de U.K. No es seguro que este tipo de proceso de Desclasificación, el cuál se inició con el avistamiento de una gran nave el 8 de Ene. del 2008, sea de interés para la población humana. Para una visión más equilibrada ver

For a commentary on this event visit:

With thanks to Alfred Lambremont Webre.

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