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PRG Update - December 28, 2008


Coast to Coast AM w/ George Knapp - Sunday, December 28 - 10 pm PST

PRG Executive Director, Stephen Bassett, will appear tonight on C2CAM as part of a year-in-review show.

Million Fax on Washington

Letters and emails continue to arrive at the President Elect's transition headquarters.  If you haven't sent one, there is still plenty of time.   PRG will soon post another 30 examples of sent letters and emails (the Transition Headquarters will not release a fax number) on the MFW website.   Also, the MFW Facebook group is up to 837 members.

President Elect Obama's Disclosure Team?

The following appointments are the most relevant to Disclosure nd to post-Disclosure issues.  PRG finds them all appropriate.  This is exactly the kind of leader group he would have been expected to pick if Disclosure was imminent.

Transition Lead Chairman - John Podesta
Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton
Secretary of Commerce - Bill Richardson
Secretary of Energy - Steve Chu (Nobel Physicist)
Science Advisor - John Holdren (Physics PhD.)
Secretary of Defense - Robert M. Gates
Security Advisor - General James Jones

With all due respect to 2012.  It is looking like 2009 will be the year the world changes in most extraordinary ways.

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