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"Peace on Earth/Peace in Space with the Space Preservation Treaty"





Dear Barack Obama,

To change the economy and win this Democratic election, YOU BARACK OBAMA can include this pivotal position announcement in your Convention speech, your Campaign platform, and your vision for Peace in Space.

The first international call to world leaders to sign the Space Preservation Act and Treaty signed into law...for a new economy and and marketplace of products and services applied to solving urgent and potential problems of human needs, the environment, & new energy.

THIS position is THE CHANGE people need to hear...totally different from McCain's war rhetoric.  Democrats will win this Presidential election if Obama presents the pivotal vision for change...this is IT! Your bill and treaty, the Space Preservation Treaty and Act, hold the key to winning this election.

The newly revised Space Preservation Treaty is now online at:

The Space Preservation Treaty will accomplish what you have set out as your goals for Peace in Space:

"Opposing Weaponization of Space: Space assets are increasingly important to our national security and our economy, but they are also extremely vulnerable. China's successful test of an anti-satellite missile in January 2007 signaled the beginning of a potential new arms race in space.

"Barack Obama opposes the stationing of weapons in space and the development of anti-satellite weapons. He believes the United States must show leadership by engaging other nations in discussions of how best to stop the slow slide towards a new battlefield."

p. 5 - Barack Obama, Advancing the Frontiers of Space Exploration.

Imagine: Obama announces he will call for the Space Preservation Treaty, and Act, to be signed, as his first international call, into law. With the call for the Congress to sign the Space Preservation Act, and to begin the Department of Peace.

This Space Preservation Treaty and Act will not only ban all weapons from space, verifiably, but it this is "HOW TO" CHANGE the entire war industry (and mindset), to transform it from a McCain war industry into an Obama space industry that will provide real security and a stimulated economy for the US.

This banning of space-based weapons will turn the war economy into a HUGE NEW REALISTIC FEASIBLE peace economy...creating more jobs and profits than during any hot or cold war time.

Those involved in war contracts will now be able to apply all their resources into building dual use technologies and services formerly applied to war games, now to one use...applied to solving the urgent problems on this planet of human needs, environment, and new energy, for example...that includes improved communication for communities, enhanced educational and health programs for all.

This process will allow the industries, businesses, and entrepreneurs to create a new kind of marketplace of exciting new products and services that are worthy of our time...and this is the time for this CHANGE. New products and services can and will be directly applied (not just as spin-offs of war/defense technology) to solving, directly, problems, but also to creating a healthy and safe future for all of our children!

Democrats need THIS new platform that is based on real vision and facts, not on rhetoric or negative debates.

THIS platform will cause the people, the voters, to see the difference between an old time warrior hero, McCain, and that choice of mentality, and a the choice that they have to choose a new and REAL ³change² mentality, and vision that is realistic, presented by Obama.

THIS platform is technologically, politically, economically, socially and psychologically feasible, and it is desired and is an attractive and needed vision that will provide the new economic stimulus package that otherwise will continue in the Bush/McCain vein.

The Space Preservation Act and Treaty will put a lid on the war machine that soilers will love as they keep their uniforms on and now work in real service for all.  The military industrial complex will continue the 50 plus years of collaborative ventures in space, paving a safe way for humans to travel in space to meet our neighbors who may be there...and in a way that will bring neighbors together, now, to celebrate this new CHANGE of direction that won't threaten jobs or our economy...or our security...but, instead, will enhance it.

This platform will excite they will hear from Democrats how peace is possible and about the benefits THIS CHANGE towards building communication and peaceful ventures and solutions will provide to ALL.

This platform is really part of the natural evolutionary process of American and humanity...and this Space Preservation Treaty an Bill will open and shift the consciousness of humanity to a spiritual connection awareness we all have but that has been squashed by an old way of the mind thinking and acting that has cause too much suffering in our country and on our planet.

Without a ban on space based weapons, there will be no peace on our planet, no real Department of Peace, not until, perhaps, we leave our human bodies. Space-based weaponry would continue the current Bushlike/McCainlike endeavors for peace through weapons...which only causes more suffering.  Is that what we want?

The only time in history when we can elect a President of the US who will be able to make this kind of change is NOW.

We all know the grave danger we are in from any one of a number of possible man-made or natural disasters.  Many, but not enough, yet, know that if we continue on the Bush/McCain path, we may be able to put some bandaids on situations with some good projects going on, but to cause REAL change, Second Order change, we must vote in a President who will change the game.

With McCain, we will only get more of the same disasterous consequences of an approach that has caused the deteriorating situations on this planet an in the US.  And if get more of the same, we are all clearly doomed to an inevitable development that will lead to a lack of resources, more wars, more environmental consequences, and an Armageddon yet to be imagined. Is this the future we want for our children...or for now?

The Democrats need to present a realistic platform, an economic stimulus package and security oriented platform that will provide for a stimulated economy and for a new kind of security that is based on enhanced communication and heart...and on enhanced the people will see they can live without fear and with love and prosperity.  This is what Obama and the Democratic Platform under him will provide...a change worth voting for.

To focus on the positive facts without rhetoric...the Democratic Platform needs to present, strongly, the key element...HOW TO change...and that YES, WE CAN, WE CAN only now, by voting for Obama, in this SPACE AGE...it¹s not too late!  Yes, with Biden we don't know what we'll get, yet...but it's worth the vote to not have McCain win.

HOW to change includes the one chance in time that humans have, BEFORE an outright weapons in space race takes off (which it would happen under McCain...) ban ALL weapons from space!

Contact Obama now...tell Obama, yes, tell him that his first international call, he can tell the voters, will that will provide all kinds of opportunities and benefits that are REAL for REAL CHANGE for Americans...and all the people on our planet...that is:   To ban weapons from space.

To ban all weapons from space will trigger an excitement that can only be tapped by saying there will be ³no more wars!² IMAGINE what that will lead to!!!

Obama can put out the call to world leaders to sign the Space Preservation Treaty...while WE CAN...and for the US Congress to sign the Space Preservation Treaty...for the new stimulated economy and a real security system...for the jobs and profits, products and services, a new marketplace, and for security based on the kind of ongoing cooperation in outer space that we have had for around 50 years that he will preserve, that will lead to real peace on Earth.   THIS Space Preservation Treaty an Act are a vital element for the Democratic Party to emphasize, a new element for the "change conversation" that they need in this campaign, in order to win the votes of the American people.

My heart pounds harder when I think of Obama being "The One." Let's pray together that it's true...and that he will do this.  We won't get another's weapons in space or peace.

Thank you!

Peace & Love from your friend,

Carol Rosin

President, Institute for Cooperation in Space




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