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Paul Hellyer Comes Forward About UFOs – The Third Anniversary

Toronto Ontario Canada September 25, 2008 – Three years ago today the Right Honourable Paul Hellyer stated his unequivocal support and statements concerning the UFO/ET reality at the University of Toronto’s Convocation Hall during the SYMPOSIUM ON UFO DISCLOSURE AND PLANETARY DIRECTIONS coordinated by Michael J. Bird and Victor Viggiani of Exopolitics Toronto.


Much, of high significance, has transpired since that historic day. Many news agencies have taken this issue with the seriousness it deserves – CNN, CNN Larry King Live’s multiple UFO program coverage, NBC’s David Letterman with Jeff Peckman, ABC’s Primetime 90 minute Seeing is Believing, the History Channel’s Documentary by Canadian film producer David Cherniack - UFO’S The Secret History, and Film Producer David Sereda’s UFO’s Unplugged plus a major interview with Mr. Hellyer by journalist-researcher Paola Harris.


Of historical consequential note the Rt. Hon. Paul Hellyer was presented the Paradigm Research Group award for Political Courage at the 2008 X-Conference in Washington DC.


Thanks to Mr. Hellyer’s courageous convictions the Disclosure Process has become energized. The UFO/ET issue is decidedly emerging as a real and viable component of mainstream media thanks to the conviction of this brave Canadian. Mr. Hellyer’s influence is yet to be completely fulfilled as his contributions and future involvement unfolds.

Read the 2005 Canada Press article that circled the planet by journalist John Ward at:


An audio excerpt of Mr. Hellyer’s September 25th address at the University of Toronto can be heard by opening the attached two minute audio clip.

In Other News


A new and highly revolutionary approach to the UFO/ET phenomenon will be presented by Victor Viggiani during a lecture series delivered by Mr. Viggiani to the University of Toronto’s academic community this coming Fall. Full details and dates of this lecture series will be announced soon.


Listen this Wednesday Oct 1, 2008 as we discuss Mr. Hellyer’s contribution to UFO Disclosure, Mr. Viggiani’s lecture series and disclosure issues with two special guests on the Richard Syrett Show beginning at 10:00 pm on News Talk Radio CFRB 1010 AM.


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