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  The Connection between Exopolitics and Mysticism  
  By Alberto Cogliani (Nityanand)  
  Julio del 2008  

If we want to understand deeply extraterrestrial life then we have to realize the importance of consciousness. The study of consciousness is the key to this understanding. For this reason the concept of Exoconsciousness by Rebecca Hardcastle <>is extremely important and divinely inspired.  She even goes further by exploring the extraterrestrial dimension of human consciousness:

Cosmic Beings that we are: "the power of the physical body propels our consciousness craft into inter-dimensional worlds where our exoconsciousness inheritance can be experienced through travel and communication with realms that are one with us."

The Mt. Adams Statement by Alfred Webre <>also was divinely inspired during a peak experience in consciousness, a moment of divine re-union with those ultra dimensional beings of Love who manifested themselves as a lightship in the sky. For this reason meditation, kundalini Yoga, Tantra and other mystic techniques play such a great role in contacting other intelligent life forms in the Universe.

The scriptures of all religions are full of testimonials of Ufo’s; many contactees were prophets and spiritual masters. The prophet Elijah is an example of that. It is written in the Ancient Testament that he was carried away in a chariot of fire in the sky. Nowadays we have the example of Sixto Paz Wells who started doing meditation and yoga when he was seventeen and just then he started receiving telepathic messages and finally had a close encounter with entities from Orion. 

The four states of Consciousness

Some contactees have their experiences of contact in a state of super consciousness. In fact the truth is that ultra dimensional beings experience permanently very high states of consciousness. They live perpetually in a state of meditation: this is the key to understand their amazing level of evolution and their capacity to move in space and time.

Also on this planet we have examples of such high-evolved entities: Paramahansa Yogananda and Baba Muktananda Paramahansa were two such examples. These two great mystic masters of our times could visit other planets and dimensions at will, because they were established in the so called Turiya state, the state of deep meditation while being awake at the same time. This is called in Sanskrit the Sahaja State.

There are four states of consciousness: wake state, dream state, deep sleep and the Turiya state (deep trance state achieved through meditation). Baba Muktananda practiced Siddha Yoga with a great Siddha Guru called Bhagawan Nityananda. Muktananda eventually achieved the State of Self Realization, which means that he merged all four states of consciousness. He achieved and established himself permanently in the Turiya state of consciousness through Siddha Yoga.

For this reason he became omniscient and was in contact with the entire Cosmos. He could visit the moon, the stars and also Siddha Loka and other amazing dimensions. And he affirmed the reality and truth of extraterrestrial life in the Cosmos. Baba Muktananda did nine hours of Siddha meditation a day for nine years.Meditation is the key to first contact.

The key to contact other intelligent life forms in the Universe is meditation. The great mystic masters and religions of all times have always said that by going within through meditation we discover entire universes, on many subtle levels.

Baba Muktananda accomplished the Siddha Achemical transformation.  Eventually even his own body was made of Prana and he could actually fly. The great Buddhist mystic Milarepa also could eventually fly, at the end of the alchemical process of transformation of his physical body into Prana. Meditation brings us in touch with subtle realities beyond space and time because it affects our bodily energies transforming us into Prana.

Prana and Consciousness

There are two aspects of the same One Divine Reality: Prana and Consciousness. They are symbolized in Hinduism as Shiva-Consciousness and Shakti- Prana.Through meditation we focus on the Shiva aspect and through Kundalini Yoga we focus on the Shakti (Energy-Mother Kundalini-Universal Prana) aspect.

In both methods we achieve the Turiya state of consciousness, which is the key to get in touch with intelligent forms of life in the Universe and to travel to other dimensions. Chakras are the doors between Energy-Prana-Shakti  and Consciousness-Shiva.The sixth chakra, between the eyebrows, is the door to first contact with ultra-dimensional beings.

The mantra 'OM' is the sound which several mystics of various spiritual traditions repeat in order to experience that. Through meditation and mantra repetition they visit other dimensions of consciousness.

Spiritual Traditions

Buddhist mysticism is a perfect example of this. We have testimonials of many Buddhist monks who affirm the reality of traveling in consciousness to other places and dimensions and meeting intelligent forms of life.The Hindu tradition also is full of descriptions of other dimensions and ultra-dimensional conscious entities, like the Nityas living in Vaikuntha (inside the Sun) and the Siddhas living in Siddhaloka (in the ether around the sun).

All this is written in the ancient scriptures of India called ‘Puranas’.   It is also written in the Ramayana that the avatara Rama came from the Agartha and so did the Vedas, the most important scriptures in Hinduism. Now, the Buddhist tradition affirms that the Dalai Lama also was sent by the Agartha.

The civilization of Agartha

This brings us to an amazing discovery: that Lamaism and Hinduism find a common root in the Agartha, <>the human civilization inside planet Earth. The people of Agartha are mystics and this is why they are so highly evolved and could send Rama and the Dalai Lama to help and guide humanity living on the surface of the planet.

They also are the teachers originators of the philosophy called Tantra.They know that meditation is the key element in human spiritual evolution, together with repetition of powerful mantras, a certain diet of herbs, self-restraint and powerful breathing exercises, besides a very high moral attitude. They know the secret of the alchemical transformation of the body into Prana, divinely Self-conscious.

The Agartha is composed of various civilizations and some of them came from distant galaxies thousands of years ago. Perfect example of this is the civilization from the planet Claryon with which is now in touch the contactee Maurizio Cavallo, <> who has visited their bases under the Amazon forest and under the Italian Sea.  In fact some of the Ufo’s seen in the skies of our planet come from inside the Earth.

The truth behind Ufo’s: Consciousness

Many messages from the Galactic federation of Light clearly state that some Ufo’s are in truth the Merkabas (body of Consciousness-Light achieved through mystic techniques) of enlightened entities of other dimensions and worlds.

Therefore what appears to us as material spaceships are in fact the Supracausal body-which corresponds to the Turiya state, of those entities. So it is through consciousness that they created their light ships and they manifest them by decreasing their frequency. When they increase their frequency again then they disappear to our physical eyes. The source of energy of their crafts is their own Prana, their life force and the Love and Light in their heart.

In the book Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, Mahavatar Babaji is seen as a lightship in the sky by a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya. Then the lightship lands and a beautiful young man appears out of the light, Mahavatar Babaji.

In fact we are visited in this way by many Self realized Masters of the past, present and future from several dimensions who are now here to oversee our evolution: they are in the Super state of Consciousness and collectively form what is called Shamballa.

Shamballa: a state of Consciousness

For this reason in my essay: ‘Shamballa, the Agartha and the galactic Federation of Light’ <>I define Shamballa as a state of Consciousness.

“Shamballa is a state of consciousness or a phase of sensitive awareness wherein there is acute and dynamic response to divine purpose”

“It is there that Men who have achieved the level of consciousness we call  ‘Enlightenment’ dwell and it is from there that they serve humanity living on the surface of the planet.”

Shamballa represents the future of humanity, when we all will achieve the Turiya state of consciousness, which defines the state of Self realization, because the Turiya state is the Super-conscious Self.

The future of humanity

Once that we understand that we are consciousness and that we can advance and become ‘SuperConsciousness’-Turiya State, through deep meditation and Yoga and Tantra and  other techniques available on the planet, then we become Multidimensional beings, in touch with our future self and with many Ultra dimensional entities everywhere in this universe and beyond.

Meditation should become part of our daily life and should be taught in schools.The schooling system in the future will be completely different and people will realize that their teacher is inside their own heart. They will realize that through meditation they can communicate with their future Self and receive guidance and inspiration to realize their goals and aspirations.

They will realize that in the Turiya state of Superconsciousness they can travel in time and space without any technology. They will realize Unity beyond duality and behold themselves in everything they see.

The real future of Man lies in his most complete and divine identification with the Cosmic Self, which is Eternal Bliss.  Meditation is the key to this Re-Union. 

May all beings be happy.

May all beings achieve Liberation

Om Namah Shivaya


About the Author

Alberto Cogliani (Nityanand)

Graduated in 2002 in ‘Oriental Languages and Cultures’ and ‘Science of Comparative Religions and Cultures'. Since fifteen years Nityanand  practices Sadhana (yogic techniques) with a fully Self-Realized Siddha Master. Having been always fascinated by mysticism Nityanand in 1993, at eighteen years of age,  met this Enlightened Master whose teachings and yogic techniques have taken N. to experience in the first person the mystical realities mentioned in his writings.

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