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Larry King Live Exoposes Nucelar Facilities Shutdowns by UFOs

  Larry King Live Exposes Nuclear Facilities Shutdowns by UFOs - now on Video  

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Larry King Live Exposes Nuclear Facilities Shutdowns by UFOs - now on Video

Toronto Ontario Canada July 21, 2008 Video coverage is now available of CNN’s Larry King Live interview with three former Air Force Officers along with UFO research expert Robert Hastings. The interviews describe compelling incidents involving shutdowns by UFOs of nuclear weapon launch facilities in the 1960’s. No public reports by military officials were ever made about these breaches of American air space or the shutdown of sensitive national security nuclear launch facilities.

In the video Mr. King boldly makes the claim on national television that this military witness evidence proves the American government does not want the American people to know the facts.

These 1960’s national security breaches of controlled air space are now placed in the historical context of a substantiated 2008 FAA Radar Report assembled by Glen Schulze and Robert Powell. According to the FAA data in the Schulze-Powell report, unambiguous radar returns show craft of unknown origin without transponders entered controlled air space in January of 2008.  

These unknown craft appeared to move with impunity in controlled air space near Stephenville Texas and flew to within 10 miles of the Crawford Ranch of President Bush, commonly referred to as the Western White House in January 2008.

Although 2.8 million data bits of FAA radar returns clearly show unknown air craft in its records, strangely, military officials at the largest radar facility at Fort Worth Texas and other nearby military radar station officials stated they had nothing to report on for that night despite FOIA requests filed with them by Schulze and Powell.

Is it simply a matter of time until the government and military respond to the increasing pressure being placed on them by CNN to come forward with the truth about the UFO/ET cover-up and this incident? Or, will these officials remain ambivalent as demonstrated by their current policies and practices?

A representative from Exopolitics Toronto stated in a recent radio interview, “At some point government officials will have to respond to this issue openly because, the United States Air Force, the agency responsible for Homeland Security in the air, has demonstrated that it is incapable of dealing with these types of incursions into its air space, or, at the very least is unaware of or lying about them. It appears since the 1960’s the United States Air Force is just as incapable of dealing with UFOs in 2008 as it was then. Any of these scenarios is frightening if not insidious. Both the government and the Air Force are running out of explanations.”

View the LARRY KING LIVE video of this very interesting interview.