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We are an association of citizen organizations and private citizens dedicated to research, public education and political activism concerning extraterrestrial life. In circumstances where our interests are not faithfully represented by national governments in relation to extraterrestrial life, we recognize our inalienable right to exercise citizen governance. We consequently issue the following Declaration.

We recognize the reality of extraterrestrial life and its understanding and use of advanced technologies, scientific principles and universal knowledge.

We affirm the natural right of all citizens to have safe and open contact with extraterrestrial visitors, and to engage in non-official diplomacy; and affirm the heartfelt intent of humanity to live in peaceful and cooperative relationship with extraterrestrial civilizations.

We assert that national governments claiming to represent the interests of their citizenry have repeatedly failed to disclose the reality of extraterrestrial life, and the principles and knowledge such life possesses, for over sixty years.

We accept evidence from a number of sources including scientists, researchers, military personnel, corporate personnel, whistleblowers and 'experiencers' that governmental entities within the United States and other major nations have entered into secret agreements concerning extraterrestrial life and/or technology. In some cases, these agreements are with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and have been elevated to treaty status.

We understand these agreements allow for the manufacture and distribution of technology and knowledge deriving from extraterrestrial civilizations . In some cases extraterrestrials are allowed to establish bases on Earth, extract a range of resources and perform invasive medical procedures on civilians.

We object that governmental-extraterrestrial agreements have not been made public or ratified in accord with constitutional procedures in the United States or other nations.

We declare these secret agreements are a violation of the sacred trust given to national governments to faithfully represent the interests of their citizens in open transparent negotiations with foreign nations including extraterrestrial civilizations.

We hereby exercise our inalienable right of citizen governance and proclaim that on 08/08/08 at 8 pm (Universal Time):

• all secret agreements between any government authorized agency, department, organization, or corporation concerning or with any extraterrestrial civilization or group are null and void;
• all future agreements between government authorized agency, department, organization, or corporation concerning or with any extraterrestrial civilization or group not publicly disclosed and openly ratified are null and void;
• all secret agreements involving corporations or groups acting independently of national governments or international organizations, and not disclosed to national governments and to the general public, are null and void.

We declare that 08/08/08 will be subsequently known as Galactic Freedom Day in recognition of our inalienable right of citizen governance.

We call upon members of the public to show their support by signing this Declaration and celebrating Galactic Freedom Day on 8/8/08, and on subsequent yearly anniversaries.

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Extraterrestrial Secret Government Agreements

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One Week Before Galactic Freedom Day Event to End Secret Extraterrestrial Agreements

[Kona, Hawaii – August 1, 2008 ]  A multinational consortium of citizen organizations next week conduct a positive intention event concerning secret government and corporate agreements involving extraterrestrial life and technology. On 8/8/08 individuals and small groups around the planet will convene to celebrate the inaugural Galactic Freedom Day. This will be the first in a series of annual global events that aim to expose and nullify secret agreements concerning extraterrestrial life.

According to event organizers, the event on 08/08/08 will start the process of ending agreements concerning extraterrestrial life that have been secretly entered into by a range of government authorized agencies, departments and corporations. In some cases, these pacts involve representatives of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations whose existence has not been disclosed to the general public. Evidence of these secret agreements, as well as the full text of the Declaration, special Galactic Freedom Day events schedules, and an online petition are available at the official website:

Citizens groups from the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Britain, Spain, and South Africa have chosen the date and time of 08/08/08 at 8 pm (Universal Time) as the time when individuals and citizen organizations around the world can collectively join in celebratory events calling for an end to such agreements. The Galactic Freedom Day event will be globally coordinated to occur simultaneously at 8 pm Universal Time which is 4 pm U.S. Eastern Daylight Time, 1 pm U.S. Pacific Time, 10 pm Central European Time, and 6 am, Australia East Coast Time. To convert your local time into Universal Time (aka Greenwich Mean Time), please visit: (or ). For those unable to join in the synchronized positive intention exercise at 8 pm UT, it will be acceptable to conduct the exercise at 8 pm local time on 8/8/08

Participants are advised to spend 30-60 minutes in meditation, prayer or suitable alternatives for the whole event. The goal is to focus positive intention on ending all secret agreements concerning extraterrestrial life. Participants are advised to visualize a world free of all secret agreements concerning extraterrestrial life, and the diffusion of advanced extraterrestrial technologies and the open appearance of ethical extraterrestrial civilizations.

The following steps may be used by individuals or small groups participating in the positive intention event that celebrates Galactic Freedom Day.

1. Preparation. If in a group, approximately ten to fifteen minutes before the event, form a circle and have each individual briefly share their vision of what a world without secret agreements concerning extraterrestrial life and technology would be like. If doing the event alone, give yourself 3-5 minutes to clearly identify and/or articulate your vision.

2. Linking Up. At 8:00 pm (UT), begin positive intention event by opening your own heart, and sending positive thoughts to others in the group and to participants world wide joining in the Galactic Freedom Day celebration. If performing the event alone, visually and/or empathically link up with others around the world.

3. Taking Personal Responsibility. Collective human consciousness has created the current reality filled with these secret agreements. Take personal responsibility in this moment by making a choice to align this reality with our highest aspirations.

4. Creative Visualization. Use creative visualization to envisage a world without secret agreements; OR use chanting, prayer or singing to inaugurate Galactic Freedom Day.

5. Completion. Finish event by holding hands and expressing appreciation for all group participants, and others around the world celebrating global unity.

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