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Open Letter to the Honorable Hillary Clinton United States Senate Washington, DC



[Note: due to a powerful confulence of circumstance, a window of opportunity has opened to effect public policy on this issue.  Please consider posting this Open Letter on your website, linking to the letter at, posting it to your email list and/or submitting it to internet forums in which you participate.   Thank you,  Stephen Bassett] 

Paradigm Research Group      


Dear Senator Clinton:

In March 1993 billionaire Laurance Rockefeller initiated an extraordinary approach to your husband’s administration via the Office of Science and Technology Policy headed by Dr. John Gibbons.   A memorandum from Mr. Rockefeller’s attorney Henry Diamond dated March 29, 1993 conveyed a request to meet with Gibbons “to discuss the potential availability of government information about unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial life.”   Rockefeller, a friend and supporter of you and your husband, wanted to meet with the President and inform him “there is a belief in many quarters that the government has long held classified information regarding UFOs which has not been released and that the failure to do so has brought about unnecessary suspicion and distrust,” and that “Many believe that the release of such information on a basis consistent with national security would be a significant gesture which would increase confidence in government.”

Thus began a three-year effort by a notable American to convince your husband to essentially be the “Disclosure President” and end a then 46-year truth embargo on providing the full facts to the American people regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.    This effort, which included meetings, reports, briefings, a book, draft letters to the President and more, came to be known as the Rockefeller Initiative.   You were aware of this initiative from the beginning as was a key advisor to the President, John Podesta.   You and your husband met with Rockefeller at his Wyoming ranch in August of 1995.   Your husband tasked a close friend, Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell, to look into the UFO issue at the Department of Justice and elsewhere.  He tasked John Podesta, his eventual Chief of Staff, to reform and accelerate the document declassification process.    You were kept informed of the ongoing initiative and helped draft a letter from Rockefeller to the President.   It is notable that John Podesta, the founder and now CEO of the Center for American Progress, in 2002 and 2003 called for the release to the public of all UFO and related documents in government files.   In 2004 Governor Bill Richardson, UN Ambassador and Secretary of Energy during your husband’s administration, made a similar request for documents pertaining to the events in Roswell, New Mexico during July of 1947.

These facts are known from news articles, public records and, most importantly, from nearly 1000 pages of correspondence and documents obtained by researcher Grant Cameron from the Office of Science and Technology Policy via the Freedom of Information Act.   Additional relevant documents are expected to be released soon from the Clinton Presidential Library.

Senator, it is your ambition to reach a significant milestone in American history by becoming the first President of the United States who happens to be a woman, or put another way, the 49th female head of state.   While this would be an admirable legacy, what the American people need is less legacy and more truth.   The people have lost patience with "in loco parentis" government that treats them like children and candidates with long lists of issues they can't discuss because it is not convenient to their campaign or the people “can't handle the truth.”

Because you have been introduced to these matters within the context of the White House, because you aspire to the highest office in the nation, you have an extraordinary opportunity and primary obligation to address what is easily the most profound issue of our time – an issue with major national security and policy implications. 

Stephen Bassett
Executive Director

§      Key OSTP documents relevant to the Rockefeller Initiative:

§    OSTP documents referring to the then First Lady: ,

§       Rockefeller Initiative narrative:

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Press Release - May 6, 2008
Google Censorship

Washington, DC - On April 30 PRG published an Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton regarding Laurance Rockefeller's effort from March of 1993 through 1996 to convince her husband to release all government held files pertaining to UFOs and extraterrestrial life.   This letter was published to the websites for PRG, American Chronicle, OpEd News and the National Ledger.  It was also sent out to approximately 5000 television, radio, internet and print media.

PRG web location for the Open Letter at:

PRG watched carefully as the pages holding this Open Letter moved quickly up the search engine results at Google and Yahoo based on these search criteria:

open letter to Senator Hillary Clinton
open letter to Senator Clinton
open letter to Hillary Clinton

Within 36 hours the PRG and American Chronicle Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton pages were at or near the top of both the Google and Yahoo search results.

At that time the Google search listings for the Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton published by PRG were stripped (or blocked) from the Google search results.   Fortunately, this did not take place with the Yahoo search returns.

Efforts by PRG to reach Google to determine why this had happened have been fruitless.

Blocking the Google search engine from listing the web pages which contain the PRG Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton is a pure act of political censorship.

Given Google's behavior as regards its presence in the People's Republic of China - compliance with severe content restrictions - this act of censorship raises deeply serious questions. 

First and foremost it raises the question of what other pages containing political speech not acceptable to Google are being blocked from Google search listings within the United States?

PRG is seeking pro bono legal assistance from 1st Amendment specialist attorneys in order to open a dialogue with Google to resove this matter.

Contact:  Stephen Bassett
              Executive Director