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Principales Activistas en poner fin al embargo de la presencia Extraterrestre


Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd



Alfred is a former Fulbright Scholar, a graduate of Yale University, Yale Law School (Yale Law School National Scholar), and of the University of Texas Counseling Program. He has taught economics at Yale University (Economics Department) and Civil Liberties at the University of Texas (Government Department). He was General Counsel to the NYC Environmental Protection Administration and environmental consultant to the Ford Foundation. Alfred has worked for years to prevent the weaponization of space. He is the International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), dedicated to transforming the permanent war economy into a peaceful, sustainable Space Age society, preventing the weaponization of space, and supporting cooperation amongst Life in the Universe. He has been a delegate to the UNISPACE Outer Space Conference and NGO representative at the United Nations (Communications Coordination Committee for the UN; UN Second Special Session on Disarmament). With others, he is a co-architect of the Space Preservation Act and the Space Preservation Treaty introduced to the U.S. Congress by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to ban space-based weapons.


He began his career lecturing in Exopolitics in 1973.  In 1974, his first book The Age of Cataclym (GP Putnam's Sons/Berkeley Paperback) was published containing the Context Communication Theory of Extraterrestrial Communication.  In 1977, Alfred was Director of the proposed Extraterrestrial Communication Study in the White House of US President Jimmy Carter.  In 2000, as International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS), Alfred published the online book Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact, and resumed lecturing on Exopolitics worldwide, in Europe (Netherlands), USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and India.  In 2005 he published Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe.  Alfred is Host of EXOPOLITICS RADIO on KPHX Progressive Talk Phoenix 1480 AM,

  ICIS-Institute for Cooperation in Space
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  Michael Salla, Ph.D.  

Dr. Salla is an internationally recognized scholar in international politics, conflict resolution and US foreign policy, and is the author/editor of an additional four books including The Hero's Journey Toward a Second American Century (Greenwood Press, 2002); Essays on Peace (Central Queensland University Press, 1995); Why the Cold War Ended (Greenwood Press, 1995); and Islamic Radicalism, Muslim Nations and the West (1993). He has also authored more than seventy articles, chapters, and book reviews on peace, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution. He has held academic appointments in the School of International Service& the Center for Global Peace, American University, Washington DC (1996-2004); the Department of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1994-96); and the Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University, Washington D.C., (2002). He has a Ph.D in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia.


He has conducted research and fieldwork in the ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka, and organized peacemaking initiatives involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts. Dr. Michael E. Salla, is a pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics', the scholarly study of the main actors, institutions and political processes associated with extraterrestrial life. His groundbreaking Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books, 2004) presents the first scholarly framework for understanding the political implications of the extraterrestrial presence. His interest in exopolitics evolved out of his investigation of the sources of international conflict and its relationship with the undisclosed extraterrestrial presence. He cites evidence of as many as seventeen different extraterrestrial civilizations currently interacting with humanity in a variety of ways, with a number of other civilizations simply monitoring the Earth.


Michael Salla became interested in exopolitics in 2001 after working as an academic at a number of universities including American University (1996-2004) and Australian National University (1994-1996). His book Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence was published in 2004, and his website has attracted over one million visitors (over 17 million hits) since 2003. He has since founded the Exopolitics Institute a 501(c)3 in  Hawaii, U.S., and the Exopolitics Journal. He travelled widely in the United States and Japan giving lectures on exopolitics since 2004. He has also been a guest on a number of popular radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, Shirley MacLaine and the Jeff Rense show. His main website is

  Stephen Bassett  

Stephen Bassett is Executive Director of X-PPAC, the Extraterrestrial Phenomenon Political Action Committee, and the only registered lobbyist with the U.S. Congress on behalf of the Extraterrestrial community. His work has been referenced in, among others, the Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, Legal Times, Christian Science Monitor, National Journal, Pravda, London Sunday Express, The Hill (Washington, DC) and O’Dweyer’s Washington Report. Steve has worked with the late Prof. John Mack of Harvard University; is the organizer of the Exopolitics Conference I and II in Washington, DC; and was a Candidate in 2003 for the U.S. Congress in Maryland on an Exopolitics platform. Stephen Bassett is arguably the leading advocate in the nation for ending the 60-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and the planet earth.


He is a political activist, lobbyist, commentator, columnist and conference producer.  He is the founder of the Paradigm Research Group, the Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC), the creator of the Paradigm Clock and the executive producer of the X-Conference. Since 1996 Bassett has assisted many organizations and initiatives making the case for 1) an end to the government truth embargo, and 2) open congressional hearings to take the testimony of former military and agency employees witness to extraterrestrial-related events and evidence.   He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows and in numerous documentaries delivering the message to millions of people of the likelihood and implications of "Disclosure" - the formal acknowledgement of the ET presence by the governments of the world.

  Paola Harris, MEd.  

Paola Harris, MEd. is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research. She has studied extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979 and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field. From 1980-1986 she assisted Dr. J. Allen Hynek with his UFO investigations and has interviewed many top military witnesses concerning their involvement in the government truth embargo. In 1997, Ms. Harris met and interviewed Col. Philip Corso in Roswell, New Mexico and became a personal friend and confidante. She was instrumental in having his book The Day After Roswell, for which she wrote the preface, translated into Italian. She returned to Roswell in the summer of 2003 for the American debut of her book, Connecting the Dots…making sense of the UFO Phenomena (Granite Press). She has written for Nexus, UFO Magazine, Notizario UFO and Dossier Alieni, among other publications. Her books include Connecting the Dots, and Exopolitics: How do you Talk to a Ball of Light? Because of her international perspective on extraterrestrial related phenomena, Paola has consulted with many researchers about the best avenues for planetary disclosure with emphasis on the “big picture” and stressing the historical connection. 


She is a close friend of Monsignor Padre Corrado Balducci and assisted in filming the Italian witnesses, including the Monsignor, for the Disclosure Project for the May 9, 2001 press conference.  She was instrumental in bringing to Italy Robert Dean, Dr. Steven Greer, Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Richard Boylan, Russell Targ, Travis Walton, Derrell Sims, Helmut Lamner, Michael Lindemann, Nick Pope, Bill Hamilton, Ryan Wood, Carlos Diaz and Dr. John Mack.  Her new non-profit association, Starworks Italia, will continue to bring speakers to Italy and promote disclosure and exo-political dialogue world-wide.


Sr. Steven Greer, MD.


Dr. Steven Greer, MD is the Director of the Disclosure Project, which has identified and gathered testimony from more than 400 high-level military intelligence and governmental witnesses regarding the Extraterrestrial presence. The May 9 2001 Disclosure Project Press Conference at the National Press Club, Washington, DC was witnessed by more than 250,000 persons via Internet broadcast, a record at the time. Dr. Greer is the author of Extraterrestrial Contact, Disclosure, and Hidden Knowledge – Forbidden Truth. He is a medical doctor specializing in trauma medicine. He is the former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina. The Disclosure Project is a nonprofit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems.


We have over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret. On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.

  Miembros de la Junta de Consejeros del Instituto de Exopolitics  

Esta junta de miembros suscribe la misión y los objetivos del Instituto de Exopolítica. Periodicamente ofrecen consejo y recomendaciones al Presidente y a la Junta de Directores para asistir en el crecimiento del Instituto, así como promocionar diferentes iniciativas exopolíticas. Los consejeros en Investigación y Educación ayudan a evaluar las diferentes fuentes que proveen de evidencia a las perspectivas exopolíticas, y/o asisten en el desarrollo del currículum exopolítico para educar a la población general.


Grant Cameron (Canada)

Com Sgt Maj Robert Dean (Ret.) [USA]

James Deardorff, PhD (USA)

Neil Freer (USA)

James Gilliland (USA)

William Hamilton, III (USA)

Thomas Hansen, PhD (USA)

Rebecca Hardcastle, PhD (USA)

Scott Jones, PhD (USA)

Manuel Lamiroy, Lic. Juris (South Africa)

Joe Lewels, PhD (USA)

Antonello Lupino, Laurea (Italy)

Lynne D. Kitei, M.D. (USA)

Jim Marrs (USA)

Steve Moreno (USA)

Mary Rodwell, R.N. (Australia)

Carol Rosin, Ph.D (Ecuador)

Lt Col. Wendelle Stevens (Ret. USAF)

Lt Col Donad Ware (Ret. USAF)


Tracie Austin-Peters

Stephen Bassett (USA)

Maurizio Baiata (Italy)

Tim Binnall (USA)

Robert Fleischer (Germany)

David Griffin, MSc (United Kingdom)

Ross Hemsworth (United Kingdom)

John Kuhles (Netherlands)

Hal MacKenzie (USA)

Joe Montaldo (USA)

Lavinia Pallotta, Laurea (Italy)

Pepón Jover del Pozo (Spain)

Frederik Uldall, M.Sc. (Denmark)

Victor Viggiani (Canada)

Alfred Webre, J.D. (Canada)

Farah Yurdozu (US-Turkey)


Come Carpentier (India)

Kerry Cassidy (USA)

Sheryl Gottschall (Australia)

Joan Ocean (MSc)

Simeon Hein, PhD (USA)

Terry Mansfield (USA)

Bill Ryan (USA-Britain)

Freddy Silva (USA)

Janae Weingold, PhD (USA)